Looking to upgrade your equipment?

You have a choice.

Make bulky, complicated, stationary, and expensive diagnostic equipment a thing of the past.


Experience the rediCADDY® Difference

  • All equipment and software in one bag
  • Intuitive, turn-key, modular system
  • Eliminates down time with fast part replacement services
  • Compact, space-saving, & portable
  • Accurate & reliable test results
  • Less expensive than traditional equipment
  • Wireless technology
  • User-friendly software

Unique Features

  • Best-in-business five-year warranty
  • Limited or no up-front fees
  • Customizable solutions based on office needs
  • Proprietary water-charged catheters
  • Technician training & support
  • Interpreting physician training (if needed)
  • Optional testing service

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A stand alone Uroflow solution.

Check out our rediFLOW® Bundle page for more information.










NOW OFFERING Competitive disposables

Looking to save money on disposables?S702_WhiteAndBlueTube2


Ashlar now offers a competitive line of urodynamic disposables compatible with other equipment, as well as GI disposables. Visit our disposables page to learn more and start saving money today.