Looking to generate new revenue streams?

Increase your bottom line with the rediCADDY®.

The rediCADDY® system and optional testing service provide risk-free entry into the Urodynamics field, enabling you to increase revenue streams while also improving patient care.

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common urinary conditions affecting people of all ages and gender with symptoms being more common in individuals over age 65.

To help better serve the needs of this ever-aging patient population, Ashlar Medical makes Urodynamics and its revenue opportunities easy to integrate into any medical practice with its unique rediCADDY® system.

Benefits of offering in-house Urodynamic testing include:

new to uro2Generation of New Revenue Streams

  • Diversify service offerings without dedicating permanent space for equipment
  • Increase the number of patient office visits by managing the diagnostic test process and level I treatment options in-house prior to referring to a specialist
  • Offer diagnostic testing without requiring the time of in-house medical staff when using the optional testing service

Common CPT Codes for Urodynamics

  • 51729 – Complex CMG w/ UPP/VLPP studies and Voiding Pressure studies
  • 51741 – Uroflowmetry
  • 51784 – Electromyography (EMG) Anal/Urinary Muscle Study
  • 51797 – Intra-Abdominal Pressure Test

Download the reimbursement sheet for information on common billing scenarios.

Improvement of Patient Care

  • Improve patient comfort by having tests performed by physicians they know and trust
  • Decrease wait time for diagnostic testing
  • Reduce unnecessary referrals to specialists


Get Started Today with Ashlar’s rediCADDY® System.

Ashlar Medical offers the rediCADDY® system that provides all software and equipment to perform in-office Urodynamics testing.

The rediCADDY® is:

  • An intuitive, turn-key system with everything in one small bag
  • A modular system that eliminates down time and saves money with fast part replacement services
  • A compact, space-saving device
  • Easily portable for use at satellite offices
  • Accurate, reliable, sensitive, and precise

Unique features:

  • Five-year warranty
  • Customizable solutions based on office needs
  • Proprietary water-charged catheters
  • Technician training & support
  • Interpreting physician training
  • Marketing materials provided to raise patient awareness about service offerings


Optional Testing Service

new to uro3Through a partnership with Flowstream Health Solutions, Ashlar Medical offers a service solution for physicians without the resources to handle Urodynamics testing in-house. Flowstream technicians work with physicians and their staffs to provide them with the tools to identify and schedule qualified candidates for Urodynamics testing. Technicians care for patients at practice locations without requiring the time of the medical staff.

Contact us today to learn more about integrating Urodynamics into your practice.