Customizable Solutions for All Your Urodynamics Needs

Looking for portable equipment with a smaller footprint?

Then the rediCADDY® is right for you. Ideal for physicians needing compact, portable equipment that can be easily broken down and transported between exam rooms and offices. Learn More

Looking to provide comprehensive Urodynamics care for your patients?

Look no farther than the Nova. Ideal for hospitals and physicians wanting to provide state-of-the-art testing, diagnosis, and treatment to their patients. Learn More

Simply in need of a stand-alone Uroflow?

With intuitive software, Bluetooth technology, and customizable bundle options, the rediFLOW® Bundle is the answer. Learn More

Looking to save money on disposables?

Ashlar offers a variety of water-perfused catheters, extension sets, pump tubing, and GI catheters at competitive prices. Learn More

Looking to expand your service offerings to include Urodynamics?

The rediCADDY® is your risk-free solution. Ideal for physicians new to the Urodynamics field who want compact, portable equipment with the option of utilizing an outside technician service to perform and interpret tests. Learn More