All software and equipment in one small case.

Ideal for physicians needing space-saving equipment that can be easily broken down and transported between exam rooms and offices.


Unique rediCADDY® features:

  • intuitive, turn-key, modular system
  • compact, space-saving, & portable
  • wireless technology
  • user-friendly software
  • proprietary water-charged catheters


The rediCADDY® Unzipped

Each rediCADDY® contains the following:


A measurement device that detects small pressure variances within the patient’s bladder throughout the procedures and transmits the data to the laptop computer.


A flow meter used to measure the flow rate and volume of liquid expelled from the patient’s bladder over time during the Uroflowmetry and Pressure Flow studies.



A specially designed infusion pump used to fill the patient’s bladder with saline during the Cystometrogram study.

Technology Bundle

A specially designed software package that schedules patients, performs exams, and prints reports at the end of the study.  The software can be used on the tablet or laptop provided.

stand-thumbnailPortable Stand

The stand to hold the convertible laptop and all equipment for exams.

Ashlar’s proprietary water-charged catheters are sold separately from the rediCADDY®.

The catheter kits are specifically designed to integrate with the rediPORT® and include all necessary tubing and sensors. They are disposable and used for all procedures.